Friday, November 4, 2011

Considering the Animal Print trend ;-)

I love animal print – always have – since the last time it was out and I was but a baby I loved it. Its wild and a perfect way to jazz up and sex up our favourite black wardrobe staples – we can even walk on the wild side and wear it with a faux fur coat or stole.
I’d recommend just one of these items per outfit – we don’t want to walk around lookin’ like cheetarah now…
For a “trend” there doesn’t seem to be a lot of plus size Animal print clothes around – and I can generally only find ONE print – Leopard/cheetah style. That said if dresses are a bit much for you – dress up some jeans with leopard print shoes or boots – wear a print scarf with your leather jacket … or embrace the Alice band ;-)
This is the best of it :-)

The dress is on sale at Evans 
The leopard print slippers are River Island but I found them on ASOS
All the other Leopard print shoes here are from Forever 21 UK
The tights (which I own and they fit perfect with some space!) are from Dorothy Perkins
Elephant earrings - Forever 21 UK! They're on sale at the moment for £2.21
Pheasant feather earrings are from Dorothy Perkins for £10
Jumper; Forever 21+ UK, £18.75
Peacock Open Jacket £14.75 - Forever 21 +
The scarves and head scarf is from ASOS as is the belt (nb: not plus size the belt is just an idea...) 
Those amazing leggings are from Forever 21 + UK


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