Sunday, November 6, 2011

Freakin’ Fetish

I have to say – I probably like this trend because I can mess with the Leopard print trend and this one – and I get to wear black, leather and fur if I feel like it…It’s also an excuse to wear a black leather waist cinching belt!
Rather sexy if you ask me ;-) It’s all about that slightly dominatrix look - black PVC or leather in any shape or form.
This is how to do it on a “budget” (assuming you have your staple pieces already).
  1.  You can crack out any of your black military trend items, black leggings, jeggings, cage shoes or sequins… they all fit in.
  2. This style easily over laps with both the animal print, “like a boy”, and the heritage trends  - you might be able to find pieces that work within 2 or more trends!
  3. You can wear your staple black courts, waist cinching dresses or corset belts, get patent shoes, your black or red pencil skirt, black shirts and or black skinny jeans!
  4.   Perfect excuse to invest in some over the knee boots.
 Got to say - I couldnt find a lot online! Just so glad I can re-use so many items from previous trends!

That's a bad example of a cage shoe - but they're here: for £75 they're called Melissa and go up to a size 8 from coggles.
Shirt with Satin Bib (at the top) is from ASOS up to size 26 £30
Lace bib mini dress is also from ASOS up to size 26 £30
As is the Sheer arm midi dress (from ASOS). up to size 26 £30
The sequin tube dress is from Forever 21+ UK priced £19.75 up to size 1x
The Sequin snake dress is from Very! Priced £39 up to a size 32.
The over knee boots pictured - arent the best I know exist - but these are plus sized! And are from Very: In the sale at £35 up to size 9.
Those beautiful Leather boots in the middle are £85 and would become a wardrobe staple! They're from Evans and go up to a size 10 xtra wide.
The patent elastic boots are from Missguided and are £43.99 up to size 8.

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  1. Great and a beautiful dress. I love its simplicity and clean lines but a short length and defined waist are not a great look for me.Then shirt dress maxi make me look thinner and taller.


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