Sunday, November 6, 2011

Big Girls Rock

Let me apologize in advance if this hurts anybody's feelings, however somebody has got to speak on it. I am all about uplifting other women and helping them to get to a better place, make no mistake about it. Sometimes the truth just has to be said. Curvy, full figured, plus size women are beautiful. Period. We are beautifully and fully made and there is nothing like us. With that being said, if your not happy being plus size or curvy what ever you call it, change it. If your inner skinny chick is dying to strut her stuff in a size 0 then by all means do what you have to do to get there. Just don't drag anyone else down with you. Nothing bothers me more than someone who is so insecure and unhappy in their own skin, yet they do nothing to change it.

I have a "friend" who is a bigger girl and has hated herself for being that way for a long time. yet she doesn't want to do anything to change it. She wants to do all the quick fix stuff. This pill, that diet, but nothing that will require consistent hard work and dedication. She always downs herself and makes assuming remarks about other big girls. For instance we can be at a restaurant and she will say "I bet she wish she had ate a salad instead of that steak", or "she would be so pretty if she were smaller" Who wants to be around so much negativity, better yet who has the energy to be so negative all the time. I pray for her a lot because being that negative is unhealthy in my opinion. However God helps those who help themselves. if your not going to do anything to change what you don't like then learn to love it and stop complaining.

If you don't love yourself it doesn't matter what your outside looks like. True self love starts from the inside and reflects outwardly. Don't project you self hate on the rest of the world, you never know who is watching you. Even if you don't like how your stomach looks put on a girdle and strut like you got a 6 pack of abs. (don't put on no belly shirt until you get that in order though the idea here is to sell the image of confidence until you get to where you want to be..not indecent exposure charges) There are young girls who are fighting the age old fight of hitting puberty. Their hormones are changing, they are growing up and out, and those family genes are kicking in. Things are spreading and popping up and those girls need strong confident women who look like them, that they can look up too. They need women who will help them deal with, understand and love their changing bodies.

We have to be those women. I wish we had movements like BET's "Black Girls Rock" when I was growing up. Our society, while it isn't all the way where it needs to be, has made a lot of positive strides in the what images we put out for our kids to see. Full figured women are not hidden away and out casts in the main stream media, they are getting starring roles in movies and t.v shows. We have beautifully designed clothes that accentuate and fit our bodies the right way. We have make up designed for our skin, we are business women, innovators, entrepreneurs, mothers and wives. We do it all and we have taken over, whats not to love!

So, salute to all the women who are paving the way on the celebrity front. Most importantly all the everyday non celebrities who are out in the trenches showing our daughters a better and brighter way. BIG GIRLS ROCK!!

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