Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall O.P.I Nail Colors: "Touring America"

One of my favorite accessories to wear is nail polish. I'm constantly buying new colors.  I like to keep up on the trend of what's happening this season so I always pay attention to what colors O.P.I has released. Here's is a look at their latest Collection "Touring America".

These colors are half dark and sultry, and half light and playful. I really like them.

I love the names of this collection, very playful and wonderful for the theme:

Fall 2011 O.P.I. Collection
Touring America
  • Green: uh-oh roll down the window
  • Green grey: Suzi takes the wheel
  • Grey: French quarter for your thoughts
  • Brown: a-taupe the space needle
  • Red brown: I brake for manicures
  • Dark brown: get in the expresso lane
  • Navy purple blue: road house blues
  • Deep purple: honk if you love O.P.I.
  • Red: color to diner for
  • Hot pink: I eat mainly lobster
  • Orange pink: are we there yet?
  • Sparkly pink: my address is “Hollywood”

 My favorite colors in this collection would be " Suzi takes the wheel", "Get in the expresso lane" and "Are we there yet". I enjoy color blocking with my nails and I've been having a lot of fun so far. I'll be doing a lot more.

What are your favorites?

~Je Tuan Lavyonne

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