Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is he really what you want?

My personal... "guy" ... *swooooooon*
Why all these dating posts I hear you cry... Because its a fluffy feminist issue I reply...

So we're discussing the "guy" ... You know the cute one whose very presence causes you to blush uncontrollably...

Yes that one - are you sure he's what you want? YES? Does he even have a job? You don't know? Oh because you've never spoken to him...

Enough assumptions about the sexy guy already... Find out if he's what you want. Talk with him. "Date" him... Find out if he ticks the other 9 things on your list. In stead of making up the other 90% and living in fantasy land.

He'll be asking you questions to work out if you are worthy of his companionship (or other -_-). His questions are about him and his motives.

Remember too that you are NOT for sale, so do not advertise yourself (or a relationship with you). Be classy and reflect your best self in your dress.

Why not advertise? Because you don't know that he ticks your boxes yet. (But I do?) Well if he doesn't know what he wants to do, leave him to decide. (Don't hedge your bets, don't do anything you'll regret later if it doesn't work out)

Don't push the issue, don't *make* time for him. Maintain the life you have beside him. And don't advertise - you don't need to, your life and excitement is its own selling point ;)

But all this means that you can call him when you wanna and text him and even make the effort to meet up.

There's no rush..absolutely none... Happy Dating.

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