Friday, February 3, 2012

Plus Model Spotlight: Bianca Mitsuko Davies

 Bianca Mitsuko Davies is a 22 year old Plus Model from San Diego, CA. She's of Latina, African-American, and Japanese heritage. She is signed with Natural Models LA.

When asked about her journey she states
" Growing up I played basketball, which fulfilled most of my time, yet there was something missing. I was the “chubby” sibling of my sisters and I wasn’t happy with my body. When I was in high school I began the journey of my “eating disorder”. I was told by my assistant high school basketball coach everyday that I was fat, this began daily routines of binging and purges, skipping meals, and constantly in the mirror searching for flaws. It wasn’t until I graduated college that I met plus size model Katie Halchishick, who told me it was okay to be a size 12, I’ve always wanted to be a model but thought I was too “BIG” , finding a healthy balance in my life has been my greatest success. Now I am proud to say I am a plus size model, a curvy woman, and I’m ready to take this industry by storm. I encourage girls everywhere to embrace their curves, I'm in love with mine. I am a part of a great movement called “Healthy is the New Skinny” founded by Model Katie Halchishick and photographer Bradford Wilcox, which promotes healthy body images for women across the world. I look forward to being a positive image in the plus modeling industry and an advocate for curves"

Bianca is a true inspiration to plus women everywhere and she proves that you can be full figured, healthy, and beautiful. I plan on tracking this "Healthy is the New Skinny" movement because I believe in it's platform. I wish Bianca nothing but success and I look forward to seeing her everywhere.

 You can can keep up with Bianca via
Model Wire [Click Here

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