Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SS 12' - yay?

Clearly the Total Print Trend, great on her - but can I pull this off!?
Its  £65 for the jacket, £40 for the capris and ASOS Curve
do the pencil skirt (hooray for Pencil Skirts) in £35

Classic mix of CMYK (I think) and the  "Game On" style -
 looks great, the pants are  £28.00 from ASOS Curve and are made of Jersey!!

When I saw the trend alert from ASOS for SS 12’ I have to say I wasn’t quite amused:

Freak Like Me (fluffy, make yourself look like jigglypuff type style) , Pyjama Party (blue, tea party prints) Mermaids (pastel blues and greens with sequins),Total Print (more of that Aztec print stuff I avoided from AW 11’ but with floral and tropical ideas thrown in), Game On – This is a little bit masculine, a bit sporty, and quite pastely too, Pretty Sweet (more pastels, lace, appliqué and that annoying punched hole design type stuff) 21st Century Gatsby (which looks like more Aztec print to me but with silk and shimmer) and CMYK Colour Blast (more of that colour blocking)

They all look a bit of a mish mash – as its all a bit pastel, it’s all a incorporating of print, you can shimmer and shine and erm…wear hi-tops with it.

Maybe I just wont buy anything (ha) I’ll just repurpose more of my lighter AW 11 stuff as I loved it so bad. Here are some more new things I can muster the love for: 

Is it just that I love this Models look? This jumper is £24.99 from H&M
in their new Plus Range (well I never noticed it before!)

Maybe I only like this because its blue, but we must always accessorise!
Its  £6.65 from Forever 21! It comes in pink too!

Floral and with a high enough neck to be suitable for church!
This is Jersey (therefore already full points from me), and faux
wrap (whooop whoop) and available from Simply Be at £46.99

Fell in love with this when I saw this at Very.
goes up to a UK 24 and is Jersey priced at  £49.00 colour block!!!!
If I find anything else that is just like... sexual (queing my inner Kardashian there) I'll definitely keep you "posted" ;-) xx

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