Monday, July 18, 2011

Anything for a fat attack.

I am quite used to hearing the topic of obesity come up  - even at work as I work in Medical Publishing and also quite used to looking people straight in their eyes when it does.

I was just a *bit* annoyed to see this  article referenced on Madame Noire on my blog roll “Marriages Are More Satisfying When Wives Are Thinner Than Their Husbands“ – but that’s not how they referenced it -they actually said – “STUDY CLAIMS MARRIAGE MORE SATISFYING WHEN WIVES ARE THINNER
Fat guys get a pass (links to another blog)

So that would suggest that once I marry a guy fatter than me (as long as hes fatter than me) we’ll both be happier (in general - according to the study).

I was this close to taking it to heart… 

The ‘article’ states “But she [the author of the study] does say that if you feel you’ve packed on a substantial amount of pounds and you’re worried your weight has put a dent in your relationship but your man won’t be direct with you about it, open-ended questions can go a long way”.

My feeling is that in the test sample (just 169 of over 2 million Marriages in the US) is that women can be under the misconception that men become less visual as the relationship goes on and that her attractiveness is less relevant to his happiness. *NEWSFLASH* he still needs you to be hot like you were on your first date.

And that men figured there would be no change – but time, location, socioeconomic status, and babies change things!

Granted sometimes – when we’re there trying to take each day at a time "several days attack [us] at once” (Jennifer Yane) we begin an unhealthy relationship with food – its unlikely to have started with the cheesecake – it was just the weapon of choice.

Remembering to take care of your self – your appearance and your sanity – will go a long way! In any relationship.

Men are superficial – we knew that – we didn’t need another study to prove that actually a marriage is one of the many areas in life that will be affected if we “mess up”. 

Nice headline dudes – I appreciate it. Why couldn't it be relevant to how fit we are?! 

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