Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bringing Thickness Back

 Its 2011, and while many of our favorite full figured stars such as Monique and Jill Scott (both of whom have lost 50 plus pounds but are still thick and fabulous!) have embraced a healthier trimmer lifestyle, full figured women are making a come back. More and more women are embracing the curves they have been blessed with. First off, life is too short to be stressing about those extra baby pounds, or the spare tire around the mid section. Either hit the gym or love it honey! Secondly it's too damn hot to be putting on layers and layers to try and cover it up! Have you ever worn a girdle in 90 degree weather?! It's not for the faint at heart I will tell you that. Lastly, the good Lord didn't put food here for us not to eat it! I don't know about you but while I enjoy a nice salad every now and then, I'm a hamburger and fries with my sports, kind of girl!

Am I condoning unhealthy lifestyles, no absoutely not. I'm simply saying there are options. All of us were not meant to be a size 2 or even a size 10. We can still be thick and beautiful we can still workout and keep our curves, and now with the emergence of beautiful plus size fashions from designers like Monif C. and Tennille White (both of whom were featured on BET's Rip the Runway) we can wear stylish head turning clothes that exude confidence and class.

I recently came across a "movement" in my home town that I hadn't paid attention too at first, but I hope to see it catch on across other cities in the US. Its called a BBW Convention. Hundreds of beautiful plus size women get together for a weekend and have fun. When I say fun, I mean FUN. I'm not talking about eating bon bons and telling a bunch of woe is me stories. (Dont get me wrong they do eat though, the buffet is all that!) They live it up and let it out. There are big big girls, little big girls, tall big girls and short big girls. They are not afraid to wear their swimsuits, highest heels and shortest skirts. The best part is nobody is judging anybody else or looking down their nose at anyone. That's the way it should be anyway. So lets keep the movement going. Get some of your thickest girlfriends (or your skinny ones and feed them a biscuit or two) grab your freakum dresses and werk honey! Now-- before you run off with your full fist raised there are rules to this. Confidence is key and a realistic self evaluation is needed. If your still in denial that your a size 18 and not a size 8, do some self checking first. This is for full figured- im comfortable in my skin-women. Be yourself and love yourself honey cause nobody can do you like you!


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