Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Girls: Winter Lovers


Its never been a secret in the summer time when everybody is taking clothes off the skinny girls shine. The have the skimpiest dresses and the tightest outfits. Understandably so, its hot! While there are more fashion trendy sexy looks available to plus size women now, before that wasn't the case. Nobody wanted to be the girl who went to the beach trying to fit in with her thinner friends and either wore the big t-shirt and hoop shorts; or had rolls hanging out of places they never should have been squeezed into. Not too mention people tend to eat less in the summer time. So of course the girl with no clothes on who only eats a salad is going to be more appealing. Number one she is a cheap date, especially in a recession. That extra money has to go towards that gas and electric bill since the air is on 24/7!

However in the winter time its a whole different story. When the temperature drops and that man not only wants a hot meal but something besides a blanket to lay in and next too, he getting him a big girl. But ladies its the same way with men. I was watching one of my favorite movies Twilight saga: Eclipse and it was the tent scene where they were camping in the snow and Jacob lays next to Bella to keep her warm because his body temp runs at 100+ degrees, vs Edward who is always cold. He tells her that she would warm up faster if she took her clothes off. Survival 101 baby! (I would have stripped bucky naked right there if I was her but that's a post for another day!) The point is even though Jacob gets played through out the whole series and doesn't get his girl, when that cold hits, a man that's all scrawny and skin and bones cant do anything for you, no matter how much he sparkle in the sun light, the same with a woman. I got 6 uncles and 7 brothers so I understand a lot about how men think and operate. Not once have I ever heard a man say, he wanted a warm bone to cuddle up when it gets cold out. (a dog yes a man no)

So to all my big girls who are still working it out trying to get in shape or your just happy being a big beautiful woman, get ready stock up on your lingerie and smell goods mama! Cause the summer is coming to an end, and you know what that means; the boys are coming home! You wonder why so many babies are born in the summer? Cause when it gets cold and your survival instincts kick in, you begin to undress and cuddle up close to stay warm. When your skin is all soft and you smelling good he cant help himself. He turn into one of the kids and be praying for a snow day so he can stay in the bed all day next to you where its warm, and safe. And don't be mad if you think he only want you in the winter. Get you a short sexy dress and step out on a beautiful summer night and let a breeze get up under it. Not too much just enough for him to see some meat on your thigh. Again- I ain't never heard a man say he wanted some prime bone to eat. Real men like meat baby! Confidence and class (and a splash of freak in the bed room) and I'm telling you big girls we can have the world eating out the palm of our hands. Who run the world (big) GIRLS!

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