Friday, November 11, 2011

Fashion On A Budget

Im not rich. I am blessed to be able to take care of me and my two kids on what I make. We are ok not all the way comfortable yet but far from rich. However, I still have a thing for shoes. Like when I tell you I love me a pair of heels..I love shoe shopping. What women doesn't. I can already tell my daughter will follow in my footsteps. Every time I get a new pair she has to try them on, she is 6 and no where near close to my size. I'm always looking for places that have jaw dropping gorgeous shoes at discounted prices. I am all for taking care of my children, my home and business making my needs last. So when I splurge on my shoes I need it to be so affordable I can get like two pairs and still not make a dent in my pocket.

So far I have only found a few places that meet my need for both fashion foward shoes but yet they have affordable prices. The first place is The main thing to be aware of on this site is that first, everything featured is an "event" which means it may be posted on the sight for 1-3 days then its gone. Also you can only shop by invite. (Im posting the invite to anyone who may want to join) They have shoes at discounted prices for as low as $10.  A plus about this site, is that if you miss an event don't worry because it can come back around later, or some of the items from one event can be featured in another event. Another pro is that its not just one thing featured on this site. They have everything from shoes, to mens, womens, and kids apparel. Home decor, watches and perfumes. They even have famous designer stuff at discounted prices. I saw some LouBoutin shoes but I couldn't bring myself to pay that much even at a discounted rate but they were BAD! The con (depending on how you look at it) is that you have to pay shipping costs versus being in a store. The reason I say depending on how you look at it is because the shipping and handling is about 10 dollars. In my mind though it balances out because the extra ten bucks you pay for shipping is about what you would pay to go to and from the store in gas. Another con (for some) is you can't try the product on before you buy. So for those of you in denial that your size 9 wide is not a size 7, you might want to go to the store so you can try it on. Here are a few pairs that I got from BTR

The second place that I love is Charlotte Russe. They have shoes as low as $10-15 as well. Now I will say that this store is not a great place for plus size apparell. That's one of the main cons about this store. However they have a great selection of accesseries, shoes, hats and scarfs.  These are a few pairs of shoes that I got from Charlotte Russe.

I don't like to limit myself to where I buy shoes from becasue you can find great steals in unexpected places. These are just two of the places I look at first when I need to find a outfit for an event or I just want a new pair of heels. I love Torrids and since it's fall I have  to shell out the money for some over the knee boots since they finally make them big enough to fit my legs. If you know of any other places that have great affordable shoes feel free to share, but keep your priorities in order always take care of home, set a budget and ball out, you deserve it!

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