Friday, November 11, 2011

Tips for Taking Great Pictures of Yourself!

We've all seen them, and we all have them; horrible self portraits. My double chin looks triple, my stomach looks huge, my body looks awkward, and the friggin flash from the camera in the mirror is blocking my face! Yes, we're full figured and proud but we want great photos. Here are some tips that I've compiled so that we can all get that better picture!

1. Divafy yourself. Yes put on that make-up, do your hair, put on those foundational garments, and accessorize!  You don't have to wear your cocktail dress or club outfit but just wear clothes that fit well. Don't take the photos on days where you need rest because cameras don't lie and the fatigue will show all over your face. Your pictures will great if you take your photos early in the morning when you're energized and the  outdoor lighting is great.  Which brings us to number 2..

2.   Have proper lighting. The most popular problem with self portraits is the lack of adequate lighting. Even if you have a flash indoors the picture will look dark or grainy when there isn't enough light. Turn on every overhead light in the room. If it's in the daytime, open all of the blinds to let the sunlight in. You can rarely have too much light.

3.  No Mirrors! Leave it alone because it just doesn't work. Not only will your hand or arm that's holding the camera be visible but the mirror is going to reflect the glare from the flash, and this will obscure your face. If you have no other choice, be prepared to take 100 or more pictures until you find one you actually like.

4. Get a camera with a timer. Most modern cameras have a timer function that can be adjusted to allow you 5 to 10 seconds to move into position before the shutter activates. This feature is invaluable for people who routinely need to take photos of themselves.

5.  If concerned about weight, wear clothes that fit! Don't wear them too small and don't wear them too big, both of these mistakes make you look larger than you actually are.  Dark colors always photograph better. Wearing white washes out your facial features, especially if you are fair-skinned. If concerned about a double-chin, avoid angles from underneath and place your tongue behind your bottom teeth when you smile.

6. Always take photos when you look and feel confident. The golden rule is that if you feel awkward, you'll look awkward.

Good Luck Lovelies! 

~Je Tuan Lavyonne 

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