Friday, December 2, 2011

MAVEN Presents:The Diva Series - "Angels"

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the Maven Presents: The Diva Series- "Angels". I was there to support the Thyck Troupe's founder and creative director Tressa Thomas. I'm a part of the Thyck Troupe of Chicago and I'm so proud to be in such a wonderful organization that develops, and fosters artistic talent within full figured women; but I will write about that more in depth later.

This event took place at the JBar in downtown Chicago and was a very classy and upscale effect. I met a lot of phenomenal women here and the networking was great.

Nikeya Young (Plus Model, Thyck Troupe Member, and Chicago Fashion Examiner) Tressa Thomas (Honoree of the night, and Thyck Troupe of Chicago Founder,  and Je Tuan Lavyonne 

Brigette Ducre (Thyck Troupe Member), Je Tuan Lavyonne, and Karen London (Thyck Troupe Member and jazz vocalist)

Sarah Vargo (Maven CEO) and Je Tuan Lavyonne

I wore a simple black dress that came to mid thigh, with a red blazer (even though it looks pink in most of the photos), textured leggings, and black ankle boots. I tend to like to keep my outfits a little funky (it suits my personality).

I had a wonderful time at this event and I look forward to networking with some amazing people in the future.

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